CMA Day is over, but the sale continues. You can still claim any of the premiums available below until Friday, Nov. 22.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019, is the College Media Association’s second annual Day of Giving.

While you can simply donate money, we want to thank you with a premium. What’s that? It’s a reward for your donation. When you find a premium you like, click the DONATE button above. Fill out the info there, and we’ll be in touch.

These premiums were donated by your fellow CMAers, other journalists, and journalism organizations who support CMA’s mission. We thank them all for their help.

Only one premium per donation, although if you wanna keep donating, that’s just fine with us. All donations must be made between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19. So choose wisely.

Reminder: Premiums are first come, first served. They can be claimed beginning at 10 a.m. EDT – so our West Coast colleagues can get in on the fun without having to sacrifice too much sleep. 


A lucky student can win the lottery – the media tour lottery. At CMA conventions, nothing is more popular than the media tours. So many students want to visit major media outlets, there’s a lottery to determine who gets to go where. For your donation, you move to the front of the line of your choice. Donated by the CMA Media Tour Committee. 1 SOLD, 1 LEFT!


If you’ve thought about joining the Associated Collegiate Press but just never got around to it, there’s no better time than right now. This is a $135 value and allows your media outlet to enter the prestigious Pacemaker Awards, among other valuable benefits. Available for new members only. Two of these have been donated by ACP in support of CMA.


CMAer Susan Smith knits killer socks. Not our opinion. “I claimed the socks pictured above during last year’s CMA Day of Giving, and they’re the softest, warmest things ever to touch my toes,” says CMAer Michael Koretzky. “They kept my feet warm during the winter – and yes, there’s winter in South Florida, where it dips into the 40s and freezes our thin blood.” Smith will make the socks in whatever colors you want, or you can leave it to her like Koretzky did. Donated by South Dakota State’s Susan Smith.


College Media Network has teamed up with CMA to offer online training for advisers and students. These eight-week, hands-on courses are priced at $500, although CMA members get a 10 percent discount. Two lucky CMAers can get an entire course taught by a CMA member for free simply by donating $200 apiece during CMA’s Day of Giving. Choose from a slate of upcoming offerings by visiting CMN’s course guide. Donated by CMN to support CMA.


Investigative Reporters & Editors is the nation’s only organization dedicated to investigative journalism of all kinds. An IRE membership gives you access to thousands of tipsheets, exclusive databases, helpful listservs, and cutting-edge data tools. If you’ve never been an IRE member before, this is a $70 value for a journalist or journalism educator (and you must be one or the other). Donated by IRE in support of CMA’s mission.


Steve Chappell is not only CMA’s treasurer, he’s CMA’s official foodie. Steve crafts his own gourmet hot sauce, and you can tell how serious he is just by listening to him talk about it: “It’s comprised of homegrown hot peppers that include jalapeño, yellow cayenne, sugar rush peach, ghost, yellow moruga scorpion, habanero, seven-pot bubblegum, and carolina reaper. The sauce varies in heat because of the mix of peppers, but I can assure you, it’s probably hotter than most commercial sauces. I would estimate around 1.5 million Scoville units, although I don’t have any scientific measurement. While the heat is intense, I promise the flavor is complex.” Available to the first three to donate.


Know a student who’d love to join the Online News Association but can’t come up with the $25 membership fee? When you donate that same amount to CMA today, you get one ONA membership you can bestow upon that student. ONA is the world’s largest association for digital journalism, and its conventions, training programs, fellowships, scholarships, and special events have remade the industry. Donated by the Online News Association to support CMA.


Vince Filak is on fire. He’ll “personally wood-burn a baseball bat for someone” with whatever logo and/or words you choose. Actually, he’ll do it twice – he’s offering two such bats at $75 apiece. Vince, who teaches at UW Oshkosh and is a former CMA officer, offered the same deal last year, and CMAers Tammy Merritt and Steve Chappell were the lucky recipients. Says Steve, who had Grammar Enforcer burned into his bat: “I quickly nabbed one of Vince’s bats last year. As the resident Grammar Enforcer, I sometimes found even my immense size wasn’t enough to scare the love of AP Style into everyone. This personally monogrammed bat has just the right heft for a perfect swing, hammering the difference between ‘then’ and ‘than’ into the densest of skulls (figuratively, of course; no real skulls were harmed in the course of this fundraiser).” 1 SOLD, 1 LEFT!


Want to double your donation? CMA’s immediate past president Chris Evans, current president Kenna Griffin, and president-elect Chris Whitley will match you dollar for dollar, up to $150 total. Just type “presidents challenge” when you click the link above or below. You’ll get a personal thank-you from these CMA leaders.


Since 1975, the Poynter Institute is the nation’s only comprehensive training center for journalists. It’s News University is the gold standard of online courses. Get half off any course with a Poynter coupon code that can be yours for only $25. Must be reimbursed by Dec. 8, 2019, and only one coupon per person. Donated by the Poynter Institute in support of CMA. 1 SOLD, 1 LEFT!


These punny shirts feature the words “I back the First Amendment on the front, and the 45 words of the First Amendment on the back. Available in all men’s and women’s sizes. (Indicate size under “premium claimed” when you click the DONATE button above or below.) Donated by the Society of Professional Journalists to support CMA. 1 LEFT!


The front says, “May the First be with you,” while the back feature the First Amendment as the Star Wars’ opening scroll. Available in all men’s and women’s sizes. (Indicate size under “premium claimed” when you click the DONATE button above or below.) Donated by the Society of Professional Journalists to support CMA. 1 LEFT!


Over the past 18 months, Paul Bittick has visited more than half-dozen student newspapers to consult on their ad revenue. The result? “An increase of about 26 percent in sales” according to one school and similar results elsewhere. This Flytedesk program, called Paper Money, is expanding virtually. Move to the front of the line with a $50 donation – which also waives the $50 consultation fee. Donated by Paul Bittick and Flytedesk.


CMA President Kenna Griffin wants you to know: Oklahoma is a craft beer state. “I will donate two six-packs of beer brewed locally. I will choose something seasonal from COOP Ale Works, Roughtail Brewing Company or Angry Scotsman Brewing, depending on who is offering the best flavors at that time. The retail price is $35.” If you like to try new brew, these suds are for you.


CMA Secretary Bryce McNeil makes you the following offer, definitely the weirdest in the history of CMA Day: “You can hang ornaments off my beard! Here we see a young goateed Bryce and in the future, you can pick any ornaments of your choice to hang off of my beard at a 2020 CMA convention of your choice. Do you want me to sport the garnishes of one of my least favorite sports teams? Of a rival school? Or do you want pictures of me hanging tinsel from it? The winning bidder gets to choose – and snap as many photos as they’d like.”


Proving that Bryce McNeil is more than just his beard, the CMA secretary has cleaned out his junk drawer and offers you $105 in gift certifcates for a mere $75: “A full day in and a full night out can be complemented with this gift card set. Three $10 Regal Cinema gift cards, a $25 Outback gift card and a $50 Amazon gift card are yours to use as you please. All values have been web-verified in November 2019.”


CMA VP Allison Bennett Dyche and her boyfriend (“that bearded dude who looks like a homeless lighthouse keeper” at CMA receptions) are donating Beez Nuts products they and other CMAers swear by. Choose one:

  • Beez Nuts Beard Care Kit ($30 retail) in your choice of scents: Natural Bee, Forest Bee, Coastal Bee, or Hippie Bee. SOLD!!!
  • Beez Nuts Balm Skin Care Pack ($45) highlighting four skin care oils: Lavender, Tea Tree, Moringa, and Neem.
  • Beez Nuts Lip Balm Variety Pack ($25), featuring ne of each of nine flavors: Cappuccino, CocoHemp, CocoMint, Coconut, French Vanilla, Honey, Mango Lassi, PomBerry, and Strawberry. SOLD!!!


Phil Ochs was a noted 1960s protest folk singer who was counter-culture enough that the FBI kept a 500-page file on him. His debut album in 1964 was called All the News That’s Fit to Sing – which referenced the slogan of The New York Times, which was foudned by Alfred Ochs, who was no relation. This album is framed and is a $50 value. Donated by Larry Jaffee from New York Tech and Borough of Manhattan Community College.


Say “I♥NY” through your stomach with this deli paraphenelia. Get a shirt from Katz’s Delicatessen and a keychain from Junior’s. (Indicate shirt size under “premium claimed” when you click the DONATE button above or below.) Donated by CMA vice president Theta Pavis – who grew up in New York, works in New Jersey, and knows her delis.


Let’s be clear: CMA doesn’t necessarily endorse all the premiums herein. With that said: The front of this shirt features Che Guevera sporting a press pass in his beret. The back says, “Shit happens, we cover it. Since 2011.” Choose any size in the following ugly colors: lime green, flu green, hot pink, dark purple, and dull gray. (Indicate size under “premium claimed” when you click the DONATE button above or below.) Donated by Michael Koretzky, who runs a little website called 1 SOLD, 1 LEFT!

CMA’s Day of Giving is brought to you by the CMA Fundraising Committee: Steve Chappell, Emily D. Burch, Michael Koretzky, and…you? Just between us, we’re the funnest committee of them all. Join us today.


Iowa State Daily adviser Mark Witherspoon – who auctioned off his ponytail during CMA’s first-ever Day of Giving – with former FAU EIC Michele Boyet, who has volunteered for CMA since graduating. CMA inspires that kind of loyalty. Will you help us inspire future generations of advisers and students?